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Why Should I Get Vaccinated?

Auburn Gresham Community (Zip Code 60620) Is 

One of the Lowest Vaccinated Communities in Chicago and 

One of the Hardest Hit Community with COVID-19  | #VaxUp60620

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It Helps You | Prot​ection

#VaxUp60620  | Total Number of COVID-19 Cases   |  Count:  288,308*

Join a community of concerned, considerated and healthful people who are apart of the solution to get their personal life back on track prior to the Covid-19 Pandemic.. When you protect yourself against a harmful disease, it may save your life and it   may be protecting yourself from a dreadful hospitalization with short or long term side effects.  

It Helps Protect People You Love  |  Assurance 

#VaxUp60620  |  Total Number of Hospitalizations  |  Count:  29,295*

Our children, family members, friends and people you know: Over 285,000 COVID-19 cases have been diagnosed in Chicago.  These are our grandparents, mothers, fathers, children, sisters, brothers, uncles, aunts, neighbors do I need to go on.  People you know have been impacted by this infectous virus.  COVID-19 knows no boundaries, does not discriminated from the rich or poor, college educated or not, it attacks anyone that it is in it's pathway, all it takes is just a sneeze or cough in a public space that you are in.  Contact, you may get infected.  And then you bring it home and to others.

It Helps Everyone  |  Win-Win 

#VaxUp60620  |  Total Number of Deaths in Chicago |  Count:  5,637* 

Being vaccinated helps everyone one in our community especially for children under age 12 for whom there is no vaccine available.  We all may  know of someone who has been negatively impacted by COVID-19.  I personally know at least 12 people and everyone did not have a happy ending.  In Auburn Gresham the first death reported of COVID-19 resided in zip code 60620 and it was reported that she possibly infected other family members from a family social gathering who were infected with the virus.   Zip code 60620 has been the one of the hardest hit community with total number of cases, hospitalizations and deaths.  Why?  This does not need to be the news story.  Do your part to curve the infection rate.  Get vaccinated. #VaxUp60620

(*) Data as July 30, 2021  | Source: CDPH Chicago Covid-19 Dashboard

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