Advocates for Community Wellness, Inc.

    "A Wholistic Approach To Wellness by Caring For the Spirit, Mind & Body."

Photo Albums

Community Participants, Supporters & Friends. Community Participants, Supporters & Friends. Set up for cooking demonstration facilitated by Dale Cain Prepping for a cooking demonstration held at Komed Holman Health Center, teaching kitchen. Menu Mango Salsa and Whole Grain Tortilla Chips:-) 196557804 Say Cheese Graduation class of participants held at Kelly Hall YMCA. The Advanced Cooking Class "A Taste Around the World." 196557805 Let's Get Ready To Roll and Bake Chef Franklyn (in green) leading a cooking class at Kelly Hall YMCA. 196557806 Did you say you like to cook with herbs? Finishing the touches on a Spice It Up Herbs Garden and Spice workshop at Kelly Hall YMCA created and coordinated by Dale Cain 196557807 Who Like Pizzas? Prepping the toppings for making our very own personalized pizza, yummy:-X 196557808 All Hands on Desk Mise En Place...Everything in place. Waiting for instructions, I can hardly wait....I'm hungry. 196557809 Do it like this.... Chef Marcus, one of my favorite chef conducting a class at Komed Holman Health Center for Kids. 196557810 Silence, please lunch is served Senior Monthly Support Group at Kelly Hall YMCA. A faithful and loyal group. 196557811 Let's Pay Attention, There are 2 Chefs Chefs Cordell and Curtis, providing instructions before the class begins. 196557812 Adult Cooking Class Chef Franklyn in action. Or excuse me, I didn't touch anything. 196557813 Adult Cooking Class The class was so big, I could not get everyone in the picture. Enjoying the nutrition lesson facilitated by Dale Cain. 196557814 Before the Storm Everything is nice and neat, before the cooking class. 196557815 Did you say cheese;-) Candid shot of Dale Cain, before she goes into action. 196557816 Are we ready yet? Chef Quentin, owner of Turkey Chop leading a class at his restaurant. 196557817 May I have your attention. Class listening intensely to chef's instructions. 196557818 Adult Workshop at Turkey ChopN A monthly wellness support group hosted at Turkey Chop. 196557819 Now see, what's next? Chef Quentin reading the recipe along with the participants. 196557820 Adult Cooking Class for Parents Adult class hosted at the Kosnter North Health Center. Wow such intensity? 196557821 Adult Cooking Class Kelly Hall Monthly wellness support group. It was a full house and the food was delicious prepared by Chef Franklyn. 196557822 Measure Once To ensure that your recipes always turn out great, measure, measure, measure. 196557823 Knife Skills are Essential I gotta get the food ready, chop, chop, chop 196557824 Women's Health - Cancer Forum Panel discussion hosted at Christ Community Church, coordinated by Dale Cain. It was a lovely program, if I do say so myself:-) 196557825 Adult Cooking Class at Komed Holman Health Center What do I do next? 196557826 196557827