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Welcome to Advocates for Community Wellness!

Advocates for Community Wellness is a faith-based health promotion and disease prevention ministry without walls. We are a tight niche group of health professionals such as nutritionists, culinary arts enthusiasts, health educators, fitness trainers, nurses, healthcare providers and individuals who have a genuine interest in improving their health and wellbeing.

Our Mission

The mission of Advocates for Community Wellness (A4CW) is to reduce barriers to health equity and increase health literacy for  underserved populations by helping to identify risk factors linked to chronic illnesses through the education of healthy lifestyles, fitness and proper nutrition.

Our Services 

Montlhy Wellness Workshops

We customize wellness workshops, lunch and learn forums and discussion groups to address an array of  health topics. Topics include but are not limited to  decreasing  risk factors for chronic conditions (such as diabetes and heart disease), changes for healthy lifestyles, cancer awareness education, fitness, healthy eating through nutrition and hands on cooking classes..

Nutrition Education Programs

Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food. Increasing an individual's knowledge of nutrition is at the heart of Advocates for Community Wellness. It is our belief that health first starts with what goes into our bodies. In our nutrition classes, you will learn the importance of how food impacts one's health. Workshops are monthly but can be customized to fit any needs.

Healthy Lifestyle Classes

These supportive sessions were created to assist individuals living with a chronic illnesses (such as diabetes and heart disease) to not only self-manage their condition but  learn ways to  restore health and well-being through nutrition, emotional and behavioral health support and linkages to supportive resource services.

Our Programs

Do you know someone living with a breast cancer diagnosis?

Advocates for Community Wellness is offering a FREE Survivorship Support Program to women with a breast cancer diagnosis who reside in underserved communities in Chicago.

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"I can finally take off my jacket. I have covered my body with jackets for years because I was not pleased with my shape and body weight. After taking advantage of the hands-on cooking and nutrition classes along with the support groups, I now have a better understanding about food and control over food and how it works in the body. I lost several pounds and my doctor has reduced some of my medication and eliminated one. Thank you so much. I have gained my confidence back."

Lora H​.


"I use to drink about a liter of soda a day maybe more. I would say, I was addicted. After attending the nutrition education and hands on cooking class, I stop drinking my calories and have switched to other strategies that I have learned in the hands- on nutrition education and cooking class. This is just the first step to many to follow. Thanks now, I re-think my drinks before I consume liquid calories.

Cheryl M.

Retired Customer Service Representive

"I love to eat, really good tasting foods, but I know it is not totally good for me, especially when it comes to managing my diabetes. After attending the nutrition education and cooking classes, I know that I need both components to manage health more effectively and to achieve the results I want to manifest in my life,.....I know now the relationships between the type of foods I eat and the elevated glucose level readings. I have a much better CONTROL over my portions with the knowledge and understanding I gained by taking the class and attending the monthly support group.

Cathy S., 

Retail Management